Water Balls

Jumping Castle Kings is proud to announce the arrival of the Walking Water Balls.

Have you walked on water lately? Our Water balls allow you to run, walk, skip, jump, roll and float on water! they're fantastic and so much fun! Perfect to hire for school festivals, TV shows, Kid's parties, Corporate events, Company fun days, Shopping malls, Markets, Holiday resorts, Hotels, Team building, The beach, Fitness (5min = 25min on treadmill + sauna), Display items at a show (whatever we can fit through the zipper), Dance shows and productions.

The walking water balls are a definite must for everyone and are a fun, energetic and healthy way to keep children and adults fit and happy.


What are Walking Water Balls?

Well, water balls, crazy water walking balls, hamster balls, bubble balls or whatever name you like are the best fun in aquatic entertainment, by far one of the best water toys ever invented. Brought to you by Jumping Castle Kings, Our water walking balls are fun for all ages from 2 yrs and up to a maximum weight of around 60kg.

This non toxic, super strong transparent ball allows you to walk, jump, flip, crawl, roll or just float and relax in it. Maybe you want to try bump into your friends in the other balls or for the more placid perhaps just take your MP3 player with and relax! All this without even getting wet and it is 100% safe for up to the recommended weight of 60kg.

Zip the water ball open and in you climb. Fresh air is then pumped into the water ball, then the zipper is sealed and off you go! The trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, lean forward and soon you'll be "walking on water" in no time!

The balls have enough breathable air volume inside for a person to remain inside for about 2 hours but 6-8 minutes inside the ball at any one time is preferred.



Why use us?

With so many companies popping up in this industry (most being fly by night) you need to know who to go with for the best water walking ball experience.

Why use us...well it's simple really, we have more than 10 years combined experience in the entertainment and inflatable industry, our teams are experienced and professional. We have a huge list of both commercial and private clients and references.

We are the most professional waterball company on the market and will gladly cater to your party or event needs and we carry a $20,000,000 PUBLIC LIABILITY COVER!